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10GE Media Converter Solution

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◆ Ultimate in flexibility and scalability
☆ Add/Change optics and adjust data rates as needed
☆ Maintain single item inventory
◆ SFP/SFP+ Multi-Rate Transponder Performs full 3R signal regeneration, protocol transparent
◆ Out-of-band Management
◆ Variety SFP/SFP+ options with SFP internal ID and status monitoring capability
◆ Fully 3R (Re-amplify, Re-shape and Re-clock) based converter design
◆ Programmable link fault pass-through (LFP) or remote fault detection (RFD) function
◆ Remote power on / off detection with dying gasp alarm
◆ Loopback capability for link integrity test, support line side loopback and client side loopback
◆ Hardware Inventory and Profile management include chassis info, system info, line card type, card hardware version and software version, card location, card port description
◆ Wide application use - media conversion, signal repeating, lambda conversion, WDM, OADM, redundant links, and physical layer multicasting

Contact sales@firstmile.com.cn to learn more about the Access Transmission Platform.