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Fiber Protection Solution

The OnAccess 2200-OP managed optical automatic protection switch (OAPS) are able to provide fiber path redundancy on a channel by channel basis. It integrates optical switch device, optical power detector and intelligent switch control circuitry to meet the requirement of fiber link protection in optical fiber transmission. When fiber-cut or the optical power level below the configurable threshold is detected, it will automatically switch the link to an alternative link within 20ms. Monitoring is available through SNMP Management . The management can view  the card’s type, version, fiber link status, the card can be configured switch mode, receive threshold levels for path switching.

Both dual-fiber and BiDi optical protection card are available.


Dual Fiber 

Single Fiber

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OA2200 Access Transmission Platform

Model Model Description
Chassis OA 2000-2U-AC/AD/DC 2U 19-inch chassis with dual power module, dual fan module
OA 2000-2S 2-Slot chassis with 2 AC-DC power adapters, 1 slot baffle
OA 2000-2S-48 2-Slot chassis with dual 48VDC built–in power supply
Management Card OA 2200-NMC Network management card
Power Card OA 2000-PSC Power card

OP Line Card(1+1 protection):

Model Connector
OA 2200-OP-D 3 Dual LC connector
OA 2200-OP-S 3 Single LC connector

3R Transponder Line Card

Model 40G  QSFP+ 100G  QSFP28 10G  SFP+
OA 2204-QS 1 - 4
OA 2202-Q - 2 -

Media Converter Line Card

Model 10/100
BaseT RJ45
BaseT RJ45
100FX SFP 1000
Base-X SFP
OA 2201-SFP L/R 1 - 1 - -
OA 2008 L/R 8 - - 2 Y
OA 2004 L/R - - - 4 Y
OA 2211 L/R - 1 - 1 -
OA 2212 L/R - 1 - 2 Y
OA 2202 L/R - - - 2 -
OA 2203 L/R - - - 3 Y

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