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PON+G.hn EOC for Cable Operator

Cable operators are looking for the best technology solution to provide new broadband services to their customers due to the increasing data requirement, pressure from Internet Service Providers and their triple-play offers.
First Mile’s PON+G.hn EOC solution is to use a frequency range well below the one used by the cable operator to provide its CATV services, so the existing coaxial cables can be used to provide the new services without the expensive need to upgrade the network in order to stream bi-directional digital communication. First Mile EoC solution is based on G.hn technology which allows a very robust solution even over older lower quality coaxial cables.

FirstMile G.hn EOC is designed to combine CATV signals with Ethernet signals for transmission to the subscriber’s home through the existing coax access network. With Ethernet data delivered to the building, the EOC meets the IP interactive service requirement of cable operators for Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) application. The EOC system fully supports Video-On-Demand (VOD) and IPTV services, and allows for subscriber service differentiation through rate limiting.
Features and Advantages:

  1. Flexible networking to adapt different deployment scenarios like star networking, chain networking, tree networking
  2. Short to market with no re-wiring job, low cost and plug&play
  3. Various EOC headend models for indoor and outdoor deployment
  4. ITU-TG.984.x GPON standard and ITU-T G.996x G.hn standard compliant