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WiFi Backhaul Solution
The G.hn WiFi Backhaul Solutions enable carriers to cost effectively bring more bandwidth back from WiFi networks that are distributed in a wide variety of locations throughout the metro, many of which are typically located off the fiber network footprint.  G.hn provides high performance Ethernet that is cost effective and scalable up to 1000 Mbps per pair.
G.hn WiFi Backhaul

  • Carrier Ethernet over bonded copper using G.hn technology
  • High bandwidth: Up to 1000 Mbps symmetric per pair
  • With respect to a particular copper distance, G.hn would be able to provide a much higher line rate as compared to DSL (~300Mbps over 300meters copper).
  • Cost optimized choices in G4101T/G4104T-W series CPE for WiFi AP sites, with PPPoE embeded
  • Efficient, flexible high/low density aggregation using G4024T/G4000-8T MDU at FTTDp locations