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Network Element Management System(EMS) for FTTx Network

OnAccess View
FirstMile’s EMS OnAccess View embedded in OnAccess M8000 series aggregation switches is part of the 
OnAccess® product family. It is a suite of scalable and lowcost software deployment tools for simplifying the 
network management and maintenance. It is developed to manage  the FTTx network containing FirstMile’s 
aggregation switches, access  switches and  all series of  CPEs. It offers integrated functions like device 
management, software  upgrade management, configuration file management, fault and performance 
management, and etc. It can manage thousands of network nodes.

Product features

1. Centralized Network Monitoring

OnAccess View topology discovery allows the user to monitor the whole network in real time.
  • Unified topology view of devices in network - physical & logical topology shows every network element and its connection
  • Automated topology discovery with dynamic topology map refresh
  • Users can either observe the entire network or focus on an individual network device.
  • Notification of network, link or device status change through topology color change
  • Periodical polling of the entire network in configured time intervals
  • Topology filter to query network devices of interest
  • Fast query of topology nodes and easy location in navigation tree and topology view

2.  Fault Management

This function monitors alarms and status of the entire network in real time, and supports query and statistics functionality.  

  • Real-time alarm monitoring including device fault report, periodical device polling and configuration file check
  • Performance monitoring
  • Alarm filtering allowing users to quickly grasp critical alarms in query reports


3. Monitoring and Statistics

This function features performance management tools with easy-to-learn graphical interface. OnAccess View enables users to acquire current performance data by configuration.


4. Configuration Management

Devices of various types may have different configurations; even devices of the same type can have configurations different in their network locations and functionalities. This makes it more difficult to manage and maintain the networks, especially in the case where massive devices need to recover from certain network failure. Meanwhile, as upgrades for devices become frequent, maintaining numerous software updates of devices becomes more challenging. OnAccess View provides a practical and convenient tool to implement configuration file back-up/restore, bulk update and base-template configuration file. Users can query current version of software on device, i.e. checking current version before upgrade etc.